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Anticipate curiosity, and a  dedication to ingredients.

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Chef Anika Madsen sitting at the rocky beach in Øyevika

Anika Madsen

Head Chef Anika Madsen has a passion for discovering ingredients from the ocean and showcasing the more uncommon produce that surrounds us. Here, in the middle of a fiord, the Danish chef is getting her hands on more varied and exciting fresh seafood than she ever dreamed was possible, as well as sourcing wild and exciting ingredients from the surrounding mountains.

“I love following the dynamics of the Nordic seasons. Here, on the Norwegian coast, I am more in the hands of the elements than ever before, and I can get access to a whole universe below the surface.”
– Anika Madsen

Imagine this...


The menu at Iris reads like a story. A story about the challenges and threats to the global food system, but also with ideas and suggestions for future innovations, that can help bring us closer to solving them. The set menu revolves around the ocean and the mountains around us.

The menu is priced at NOK 3 500,-
Optional wine pairing is available from NOK 2 500,-
Alcohol free beverage pairing from NOK 1 500,-

We offer different beverage menu pairings, including  alcohol free options.

We charge a deposit upon booking, with the total payment being finalized in the restaurant.

Regarding allergies

Due to the restaurant’s location and the ensuing complex logistics, we only serve a set menu. We are not able to accommodate all dietary restrictions. If the dietary requirements dictate comprehensive changes in the menu that will result in a compromise of standards we unfortunately might not be able to accommodate your request.

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please send us an e-mail at before booking your experienceto confirm that we can accommodate your restriction

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“If I discover a new and intriguing ingredient, I am not afraid to push boundaries – but to showcase it and convince people to love it, it needs to be truly delicious. I will never compromise with flavor.”
– Anika Madsen.